Sheplers, Inc

Internet Graphic Artist

Aug 2007 - Sep 2012

Wichita, KS

  • Designed and executed home page, landing pages, banners and email newsletters for;
  • Adhered to web standards and best practices;
  • Designed for multiple browsers across multiple operating systems, including mobile;
  • Optimized landing pages for SEO and high organic placement;
  • Worked with a team to help design branding and creative assets across all channels;
  • Designed and implemented a standard web style guide;
  • Contributed to annual demand increases of 18%, traffic increases of 17%;
  • In charge of email marketing that contributed to over $9 million in demand annually;
  • Rebuilt the email marketing program from the ground up, doubling list size and volume in 4 years;
  • Streamlined email newsletter design, coding, sending and reporting processes;
  • Maintained, collected, and segmented a growing email list of over one million names;
  • Coded analytical reports with PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, and MSSQL for business metrics;
  • Routinely tracked and reported on email open rates, clicks rates, and demand;
  • Designed and performed usage testing: A/B split, geo-targetted promotions, and multi-list segmenting;
  • Contributed to Facebook marketing and FBML coding;

K-State SGA


Aug 2004 - Apr 2006

Salina, KS

  • Designed and maintained the Student Government website in standard HTML/CSS;
  • Cabinet member; Observed and demonstrated parliamentary procedure;
  • Authored and Co-Authored legislation;

USD 373

Student Tech/Tutor

Aug 2001 - May 2002

Newton, KS

  • Provided computer tech support to all schools in the district;
  • Taught night classes on basic computing and Internet usage;


Kansas State University


Aug 2002 - May 2006

Salina, KS

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Technology;
  • Associate of Science in Web Development;
  • Accumulative 3.9 GPA;

Noteworthy Projects

  • Project[1]: Client/Server app controlling multimedia on a PC from a PDA over WiFi (VB.NET & C++);
  • Project[2]: Voice-controlled LEGO Mindstorm robot (Visual Basic 6);
  • Project[3]: Mult-user classified ads/message board (PHP & MySQL);
  • Project[4]: Windows Server 2003 setup with Active Directory and roles for a mock corporation;
  • Project[5]: Minesweeper in Java;
  • Project[6]: Pong in Visual Basic 6;

Skills and Strengths

  • 10+ Years experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript design & implementation;
  • 10+ Years experience with Photoshop (v5.5 through CS5);
  • 5 Years experience with web programming (PHP, ColdFusion, JQuery, AJAX);
  • 5 Years experience with database administration (MySQL, MSSQL);
  • Very comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium (CS through CS5);
  • Very comfortable with the Microsoft Office Suite (all versions);
  • Experienced with general PC troubleshooting, tech support, and computer networking;
  • Familiar with latest Internet trends, technologies, social media, W3C and SEO standards;
  • Proficient with mobile devices, tablets, and mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, webOS, Blackberry);
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; technical and expository;
  • Accustomed and flexible to many design styles from simple and minimal to complex and distressed;
  • Limited experience, but strong background in C++, Java, VB, .NET, and Lua object-oriented programming;
  • Experienced working with kids and senior citizens through volunteer work;
  • Experienced working in group/team projects, as well as individual projects;

Interests and Activities

  • K-State Gamers Board (Co-Founder, Webmaster 2003-2005, President 2005-2006)
  • Member of Association for Computer Machinery, Salina Chapter;
  • Play guitar, drums, and ukulele;
  • Digital Photography; photography portfolio at;
  • Backpacked through Europe; photoblog at;

Honors and Certifications

  • Silverpop Engage Certified;
  • Outstanding Student in Computer Systems K-State '05-'06 (voted by faculty);
  • Kansas Honor Scholar (Kansas Honors Program);
  • National Minority Leader (United States Achievement Academy);
  • Who's Who Among American High School Students;

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